WillAfter – Offers creative media services coupled with a fresh design perspective.  I seek an entrepreneurial individual who is responsible, organized, highly motivated and interested in learning about the media field.

There are a wide range of areas to get involved in.  We are open to individuals that want to get involved in focusing on the area of their personal interest.

* Come expand your career or learn at your own pace.


CBD Profitability (Join me) – It’s all taken care of for you and the TEAM you develop.  Take action!  You get a FREE Website, coaching, and project management.  It’s safe, professional, extremely easy, the products get directly shipped to the home, and the unbelievable products sell themselves.  Did I happen to mention that the entire line of products have a 60 day money back guarantee?

Real Estate Listeners – Have you ever gotten paid for being a good listener?  We seek people who want to sell their homes.  All you have to do is capture the money when it presents it self.

Step 1) Get me a phone number and E-mail address

Step 2) Tell the seller you have someone you would like them to meet

Step 3) Leave the processing to us

It’s really that easy! – Are you ready to be a great listener?  Want more information?  Call, and one of our representatives will gladly share with you. (Se habla español)

Contact Phone Number – (562) 324-5672

Street Team

Digital Developers

Sales Lead generation, research, closers

Marketing Photo shoot coordination, production, appreciation days, pop up demos at events, activation scheduling , budget planning, social media content

PR Press materials, copyrights, media relationships

Creative Branding, layouts, product and package die lines, design exploration

Digital Website building, digital planning and strategy, web search optimization, E-Shop

Internships and Duties

LOCATION: Work remotely On-Line.  Traveling will be  essential
COMPENSATION: Commission on Sales
CONTACT: Please send resume and statement of interest to: