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“The Show with added reality” – #WillafterBot

* IT’S REAL TIME SCIENCE – Through a life time, I have developed a Science. For those of us who are educated and have indepth studies of media as a “culture” for a lifetime as a – Licensed Career. Not, a YouTube Video pretenders whim.

+ I call it – Bilateral Stimulation

I’m Mood Boosting! The Programming helps with your mood, endorphins, energy level, transports you into a productive state of mind. And provides a healthy bounce or pep in your step. It’s my life’s work!

Helps with –

1. UP-Lifts and energizes
2. A relaxation effect including decreased physiological arousal.
3. Increases attentional flexibility (Meaning that your thoughts become less ‘stuck’ on whatever was bothering you or inspires. You owe me.) 😁
4. Creates a distancing effect (Meaning that the problem seems smaller and further away)
5. Decreases worry
6. Helps with Anxiety release
7. Reduces pressure and pain
8. Helps business owners – Product place and advertise
9. Aids Artists and people I care about in the process
10. Assits with sleep disorders
11. Helps depression
12. Improves focus
13. Improves your quality of life
14. Creates and promotes a possitive way of life

😁 – IT’S REAL TIME SCIENCE – From #WillafterBots healthy and positive mindset! By proven fact. The * Program succeeds where all other fail.

+ PLEASE NOTE – How you perceive the Globe, a Global Culture, and develop your life and personal views are all on you: “A healthy mindset is a personal responsibility. A high level of toxicity will have an impact on your perceptions.” Perception is relevant to personal mental conditioning

🎧 Listen in, just a little bit – It may adjust or enhance your perspective on several levels.

🐬#HAPPYLANDStation TV – A Stage of Mind ©️™️
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